Dairing Events is the Peanut Butter to my Jelly//jacksonville wedding planner

Hello My Beauties,

As promised I am giving you all the inside scoop to my wedding. That means I must start with the very first person that I feel you should start with too. YOUR WEDDING PLANNER!!!!!! I must admit, I used to think I would have no need for a wedding planner. I like planning and organizing parties myself, and thought this would be something fun to do. However, being that I work weddings nearly every weekend, I can definitely tell a HUGE difference in brides that either use a wedding planner, only a day of coordinator or try to do it themselves. Let’s just say, My decision became clear that I needed a wedding planner. But not just any wedding planner, I wanted the best of the best. I wanted someone who I knew I could trust to make our wedding vision come true! So I decided there was no better choice for us than Dairing Events!!!

image Adair happens to be one of my hair clients. When she sat down in my chair to have her hair done, I was busy explaining my dream wedding. She took mental note of every detail. By the time she left she handed me two sheets of paper with a diagram of my reception, listed every question I needed to ask my caterer (which I never would’ve thought to ask), gave me timelines for things that I needed to have and most importantly… gave me realistic expectations of what my budget could actually afford. She also gave me suggestions on areas where I could save money. And THAT my friends is why you need a planner. They know all these things!!!! She is so full of insight and her keen eye is always set on perfection. I’m not making it easy on her either. I changed the date numerous times and then decided to plan a wedding in three months.


The main reason I chose Dairing Events to plan my wedding is because she genuinely cares about YOUR day. Her only agenda is giving you the most magical day of your life! Adair Currie is one of the most lovable ladies that I have ever met. She carries her sparkle everywhere she goes and her energy is contagious. She is a problem solver and I appreciate that.



adair2Adair created her own Bridal Academy that I was lucky enough to attend, This allowed me to hear from every vendor needed for your big day. It was super insightful and gave me tons of ideas about what I really wanted for our big day!



Now you can see why this day would not be possible without her!!!!!

Please go check out her website www.dairingevents.com for more details!!!