My Oh My… That’s Un-Be-WEAVE-able!!!!// Hair extensions

Hello Ladies.. I hope you have enjoyed your summer so far. I have been busy with weddings, working at the salon and playing with my kids in the sun. This summer I have done a few segments on First Coast Living and I decided to share one of them with you… Enjoy!!!


Here is one of all types of Extensions

It’s a Honey of a Doo!!!!// hair trends

If you listen closely you may be able to hear the buzz about the re-emergence of a hairstyle that made its debut in the 60’s known as the Beehive or Bouffant. This hairstyle sent women into a hairspray buying frenzy. “The higher, the better” was the motto as women did away with their wide and flowing locks and focused on how much hair could be piled on top of ones head.


The Bouffant was created in 1960 by a stylist from Chicago named Margaret Vinci Heldt  after she was asked by the editor of a beauty salon magazine to come up with a new trend for a spiced up hair style. She designed the hairstyle after being inspired by a velvet fez hat that she owned. She loved the way the hairstyle held the beautiful shape of the fez but without messing up her hair the way the hat did. Because women were in love with this new trend of having  “BIG HAIR”, the Beehive became an instant success. One of the remarkable things about the hairstyle was that women could wrap it in a scarf and sleep in it, keeping the style in place for days without having to re do the doo!


The beehive had been replaced by the bun, pony tail and even its sister style, the French Twist because of rumors about women getting unwanted guests taking up residence within the piled high puffs of teased hair. Those rumors were quickly dispelled, though, before women even had time to trade in their teasing combs.


This hairstyle is created by taking small sections of hair and back combing or teasing the hair up tightly, smoothing over it with a soft bristle brush and securing it with bobby pins. Once the top hair is piled high and secured, the hair in the back section is secured in place with pins either in a single twist or in many small twists. The difference in yesterdays Beehive and the beehive for today’s woman is the addition of ‘hair bling’ along with a few messy strands and loose twists that lend an air of softness and sexiness to the style.


You can be sure now that as most trends come back around, the Beehive is now making its encore performance finding its way back as a top pick for event styles now over 40 years later. Some of the most fashion forward celebrities, such as Beyonce and Jessica Simpson, are rocking these Bouffant styles on the red carpet today. There are many variations of the bouffant style depending on a person’s particular taste, but this style has stood the test of time and is holding its own again as one of the most popular styles
of all time. No wonder it’s been called a “Honey of a Doo’!

Watch here as Mandi explains it to the viewers of First Coast Living.

2013 Hottest Bridal Hair Trends// wedding hair trends

Buns and Braids….. they are sweeping the country! Every year we see a new trend setting the stage for bridal do’s, and this year is no exception! I am seeing it all, messy buns, high buns, to the side buns, cinnamon buns will give you J Lo buns…….ok,  lets get back on track! Traditional braids, Herringbone braids, Reverse braids, side sweeping braids that go into buns, braids that wanna be buns. You get the picture.  Brides sitting in my chair are asking for all of the above, and we aim to please!  So, incorporating braids this year into any style?  That’s what we ” do” ….pun intended!!

Since braids are a huge  trend this year with no sign of slowing down,  the challenge is to hang on and enjoy the ride. Boho bride to classic bride, the waterfall braid is just right for you. Looking exceptionally beautiful on any personality.

Buns have made such a come back and it SCREAMS classy and sophisticated. You can wear it messy and to the side to create a soft, sweet romantic look or you can wear it smooth and on top of your head to create a look that is simply timeless.

Incorporating a classic bun with a braid will give you CHIC & SLEEK… Its simply Gorgeous… Check out video below to watch my segment on First Coast Living to give you more insight into the hottest Bridal trends this year.

I had so much fun on the set with these ladies. Thanks to Scarlett Lillian Knuth, Adair Currie & Jill Thomas for being my fabulous models.

Cant wait to give all of you ladies more hair tips and tricks!!!

XOXO, Mandi