CONTEST!!!// bridal window

So excited to announce that Once Upon a Stylist will have its very own store front window at my hometown salon. San Marco Strands Hair Salon and I joined up to create a contest!!! We are looking for the most beautiful bride!!!!

Do you have what it takes??? Then send in your favorite picture to

You do not actually have to be a bride as hair, make up and a dress will be provided for the photoshoot!!! The top winner will be the featured bride in the window and the runners up will have headshot type photos in the top of the window!

Picture submissions end at midnight (est) on December 12th!!!

The contest starts on December 13th. Here’s how you win:

The top Three girls will go into an additional contest to determine the winner!

I am sooooo excited to see all the photos! And cant wait to do the actual photoshoot!!!


XOXO, Mandi


It’s the little things in life// wedding accesories

Over the last year I have seen some really neat ideas. I thought i’d pass them along to you girls, to help ensure you get all the extra little details covered. As you can see above… having a personalized wedding dress hanger is a MUST! I love this idea sooo much. It makes it official before it is even official!

Another one of my favorite things is I see those awesome sparkling pumps. This Bride was able to snag these off of an etsy store!





  Another good find on, was when one of my brides found the perfect amount of sparkle for her hair! I’ve seen pretty clips and other things but these were especially beautiful to me.

Adding your own rhinestones stickers to the bottom of your shoe is a great way to have that extra personal touch!

 These sparkling gold beauties just knocked my socks off when I saw them!!!  I need these in my closet


Love Love Love these things… too cute that I had to share!!!!

XOXO, Mandi

Touch of color// Bridal Hair

We often wonder if we should get that fancy hair bling or go with a simple flower…

This morning while working on a wedding, one of the bridesmaids wanted to add in just a touch of color. It couldn’t have been more perfect!!!

A simple yet bright and colorful flower seemed to be a great addition. I love the way that the blue contrasts with her hair color, and gives her do’ that element of surprise.

Brides keep this in mind next time if you want a seemingly neutral wedding with just pops of color.

You should know….it also makes for a fun little gift from you to your maids. You can get these in different styles yet same color. That way you can be sure to address each girls personality and sense of style!!! Happy Shopping!

XOXO, Mandi




Early Morning Wedding Hair // Wedding hair

Hi Everyone, So a few weeks back when I had the 4G Event… you would’ve probably thought I was up early morning prepping for my huge event, right? WRONG! I was up early doing hair for a wedding!!! Doing hair for one of my sweetest clients Kim to be exact. Im almost positive that she was the calmest bride i’ve ever seen. If you remember last Sunday…it poured down raining all day and as you may have guessed it, she had an outside wedding planned. She allowed me to come very early in the morning, even though her wedding wasn’t until the evening. And even still, she was very calm and confident in my work. I can not tell you how refreshing it is to have someone TRUST you that much. I’m sure she thought I was up most of the night before, with my mind running about all the last minute details revolving around 4G but……..

Instead, My thoughts were only geared toward deciding every possible way to work and re work her hair. You see, at her last trial run, just days before her big day, we were discussing the best option for the front of her hair, to make sure it was the most flattering for her! I was taking into account her dancing and all the hugging of family and friends and possible tugging on her hair. At this trial run, we had not yet come to a clear decision on what it would be. And then… I just happened to be watching the news and see the weather come on, I realize…. its going to be pouring down rain tomorrow. Ahhhh, a stylist’s worse nightmare!!! And you know what I thought??? BRING IT ON RAIN!!! So I went and made sure to add extra hairspray and bobby pins into my styling case, to ensure that every updo would be SNUG and stay in place! =) I got to her home that morning and worked my magic and came up with the most perfect Updo. Front to back and right before my very eyes, she transformed into that blushing bride! At the end of the day I can honestly say she looked AMAZING as did her bridesmaids…. Just take a look at a quick snap shot of the beautiful Kim and two of her maids…

Some hair got ROCKED that day for sure!!!!! However, because of the rain that day, Kim is re-doing her wedding pics next week. And I can’t wait to recreate my work of art again!!! Stay tuned for Kim’s Wedding Pics!


XOXO, Mandi

3rd Annual 4G Event// Jacksonville Girls Charity

Hello there Gorgeous people. If you’ve read any of my previous blogs, then you KNOW that one of the most important things to me is giving back to the community! The 4G Event allows me to do just that… but also gives me the added benefit of doing something that I love.

This year was No Acception!!! As the girls walked in they are checked into an amazing day of Fabulousness. They were greeted with a bag full of goodies consisting of all kinds of things any girl would love which included donations from Thirty One via Catheleen Halfmann and sweet treats from Ashley Price of Kraft Foods! And then they were off, and into the styling chair they went. The girls got their hair and make up done by friends of mine in the industry who just happen to be the so VERY talented students of Paul Mitchell. They were also treated to getting their nails glammed up. Lastly, they received their own photoshoot where they could show off their own personal flare! The girls and I chatted it up about upcoming surgeries and their fears or concerns that they may have and we also discussed personal issues that each girl is currently facing. It was my goal today to instill into these girls that they are NOT alone and we now have our own little unique support system, where we can come to one another for support and guidence. To know that someone has walked in your same shoes is sooo comforting. To be Honest, to see some of the “first timers” faces as they walked into the event, having no clue what to expect, they come in looking timid and shy. (and to me bc I know this feeling VERY well.. A little defeated) But as the event continues on, you see these shy girls start to crack a smile and by the end of the event are talking, laughing and walking around like they own the place! THIS IS WHY I DO WHAT I DO. It just took ONE smile, three years ago at my very first event, to make me realize that just seeing that one smile was worth it all!!!!!

This year we received the most sponsorships that we have had in the two previous years combined. I am BLOWN away still! Somebody pinch ME… hahaha! The reason I am so amazed at this is because it tells me that all of you have the same compassion as I do and can truly see a need of support to host this event  =)

The girls and all volunteers were treated to smoothies donated by Ronnie Penna of the Tropical Smoothie in San Marco. And enjoyed yummy pretzels donated by Sue Fuller of Auntie Anne’s Pretzels, and Iced Coffee and Passion Fruit Tea was also complimentary of Tiffany Morgan of Starbucks that was delivered via my little bro Michael Lee. Not to mention the many, many contributions made by a lot of my family and friends.

A Huge Thank You to My Photgrapher friends Gwen Jimenez of GwenBriannePhotography, Stephanie Broom, Natalie Cross and Denise Tiencken. I would also like to extend my deepest Thank You to all the Students, Instructors and to Natalie  Carson at Paul Mitchell School.

Lastly, thank you, thank you to Nikki Anson and Magan Shaffer for all your hard work to help me put all this together. You guys ROCK!!!

OK! OK! OK! I know this is what you’ve been waiting for… here’s some of the pictures. Go Check Them Out!!! Leave me a comment and let me know what you think!


As you can tell from the pictures, this years event was AMAZING!!!!! I cant believe how much this event has grown since our first year and I cant wait to see how it grows in the years to come! AGAIN, a HUGE thank you to everyone who came out and supported our event. I am forever Grateful. AND to all of you lovely ladies who participated in this event, I will leave you with this….


XOXO, Mandi